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Mapping with Dozer

Recently I wrote a tutorial about mapping with MapStruct. Testing it out for the first time, I noticed several differences between MapStruct and the mapping framework that I have the most experience in, called Dozer. That’s why I’m going to make a similar tutorial to my previous one, utilizing the Dozer framework this time, allowing […]

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Mapping beans with MapStruct

Recently, I wrote several tutorials about Spring boot and Spring Data JPA. A common issue that appears when writing large applications is that you don’t want to use your entities on your front-end. The reason behind this is that your entity usually resembles how your database and your tables look like, while your model or […]

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Take your Spring apps to the cloud with Bluemix and Docker

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about creating Docker images containing a Spring boot application, introducing both Docker, Docker Machine and Docker Compose. Today I’m going to take those images (both the application image and the MySQL image) to the cloud, using Bluemix.

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Using Docker containers for your Spring boot applications

In my latest tutorials I built a small web application using a database to retrieve some data and show it on a simple webpage. In this tutorial I will be using the same codebase, but this time I will be using Docker containers to run the application.

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Handling errors with Spring MVC

In my previous tutorial I wrote a small Spring boot application that retrieved data from a database and showed it on a webpage. However, we only handled the happy path, usually stuff may go wrong when retrieving data or doing certain operations.

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JPA made easy with Spring data’s repositories

In my previous tutorial I made a simple application to show some superheroes and supervillains. While the application did what it should do it was pretty statically because I used some mock data. With Spring Data it’s very easy to create a simple CRUD application without the hassle of creating your own DAO’s. Spring Boot […]

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Writing your first Spring webapp with Spring Boot

Three years ago I wrote this tutorial. Things have changed in the Java and Spring landscape, so let’s see how much easier it is now to write a simple Spring webapplication.

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E2E testing with Nightwatch.js

A while back I wrote some tutorials about E2E testing with FluentLenium (Java), E2E testing for Meteor using Velocity and recently E2E testing AngularJS applications using Protractor. Today I’m also going to test an AngularJS application, but this time I will be using Nightwatch.js. While Nightwatch.js is not made specifically for AngularJS applications, you can […]

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More fun with AngularJS $http: a loading indicator

In my previous tutorial we used $http to create a utility that automatically converts all ISO 8601 date strings to proper JavaScript dates. $http allows us to do a lot of things. Ever wanted to create a “Loading, please wait…” indicator when your data is loading over your REST service? With $http you can easily […]

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Writing real time applications using Spring, AngularJS and WebSockets

HTML5 made browsers a powerful alternative to desktop applications. However, network traffic (when using AJAX or by simply loading pages) is always in one direction. The client requests a page from the server, which in turn responds with the proper content. With HTML5 WebSockets that’s a different story, websockets allow you to setup a full duplex […]

Working with the MEAN stack: MVC

In the previous tutorial I finished the configuration of the application so that in this tutorial we can concentrate ourself on the Model-View-Controller part of the application. The application consists of two parts, the server- and the client-side part of the application. Both of them use the Model-View-Controller pattern though. First of all, let’s start by […]

An introduction to AngularJS: Filters and factories

In this second part of the tutorials series about introducing AngularJS I’m going to talk about filters and factories. In the first part we made our first AngularJS application and wrote a small controller. What we learned in that tutorial is that AngularJS biggest trump is that it has two way data binding, which means that […]

Unit testing Meteor applications with Velocity, Jasmine and Sinon.js

In my previous tutorial I explained some of the basic features of Meteor, a full stack JavaScript platform. In this tutorial I will go more in depth about testing a Meteor application, by testing the chat application we wrote in the previous tutorial.
In this first part I’ll show you how to unit test your Meteor application using the Velocity platform.

Testing your Spring Boot application with Selenium

The past couple of weeks I wrote several kind of tests for my Spring Boot application, we started of with some integration tests for our REST service, and today I’m writing the last part of the series with some functional/integration tests for the application using Selenium.

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Nieuw thema

Zoals in vorig nieuwsbericht al werd aangekondigd was ik van plan om de hele website te herwerken. Momenteel zijn we al een heel eind opgeschoten. Het hele thema is herwerkt om meer de Modern UI/Metro UI stijl te volgen die Windows tegenwoordig hanteert. Naast het thema hebben we ook een heel deel van de content herwerkt. […]

Voornemens 2013

Hallo en welkom op mijn blog (again). Het is ondertussen al weer even geleden dat we 2013 begonnen zijn, maar ook op mijn blog staat de tijd niet stil. Ondertussen ben ik na een pauze van enkele maanden terug aan de slag gegaan met het schrijven van tutorials.

Blogging about tutorials

Hallo en welkom op mijn blog. Een tijdje geleden dacht ik, goh, ik moet ergens wat kunnen zeveren over vanalles en uiteindelijk kwam ik uit op het maken van een blog. Ik heb hier en daar al eens een post geplaatst, maar ik had geen duidelijk beeld van wat ik met m’n blog wou doen […]

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