Meteor Twitter streaming

Be aware, this article was written for Meteor 0.7. Recently Meteor released their 0.9 version, and things doesn’t seem to work as expected anymore. I will try to look at this as soon as possible, but be patient. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how easy you can write really cool apps just […]

Writing real time applications using Spring, AngularJS and WebSockets

HTML5 made browsers a powerful alternative to desktop applications. However, network traffic (when using AJAX or by simply loading pages) is always in one direction. The client requests a page from the server, which in turn responds with the proper content. With HTML5 WebSockets that’s a different story, websockets allow you to setup a full duplex […]

Write a widget using Dojo

A decade ago, the web was just a place full of websites and information. Today, the web has evolved into something bigger. Next to websites, you also have web applications or rich internet applications (RIA). With the new technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the web became a good alternative to many desktop applications. One […]

Write a widget using Dojo (demo)

In the previous tutorials we wrote our entire module using Dojo. In this tutorial I will finish the entire application by providing a HTML page and giving a demonstration of the application.

Write a widget using Dojo (behavior)

In the previous tutorial we finally started writing our module. However, we didn’t do anything fancy yet except using inheritance and writing down our properties. If you remember the first tutorial, we created several attach points and events, which we’re going to use now to finish our stopwatch.

Write a widget using Dojo (inheritance)

In the previous tutorial we did everything we needed to set up our widget like providing our template and the localized messages. In this tutorial I will start writing our widget module by explaining the module system and inheritance.

Write a widget using Dojo (resources)

In this simple project I will demonstrate you how you can create your own widget. In this tutorial we will handle several principles/patterns that are commonly used in Dojo. The following topics will be handled: Modularity Dojo inheritance Templating, attach points and events Internationalization Scoping using hitch