Write a widget using Dojo (behavior)

In the previous tutorial we finally started writing our module. However, we didn’t do anything fancy yet except using inheritance and writing down our properties. If you remember the first tutorial, we created several attach points and events, which we’re going to use now to finish our stopwatch.

Write a widget using Dojo (inheritance)

In the previous tutorial we did everything we needed to set up our widget like providing our template and the localized messages. In this tutorial I will start writing our widget module by explaining the module system and inheritance.

Write a widget using Dojo (resources)

In this simple project I will demonstrate you how you can create your own widget. In this tutorial we will handle several principles/patterns that are commonly used in Dojo. The following topics will be handled: Modularity Dojo inheritance Templating, attach points and events Internationalization Scoping using hitch

Building mobile apps with Dojo mobile

The entire web (and even the entire world) is changing. Today the world is more mobile than ever, and the web is following this trend. If you would compare the world 10 years ago to the world now, you will notice that a lot changed in the world of the devices. Desktop computers are making […]

Building mobile apps with Dojo mobile (controllers)

After all these tutorials it’s finally time to write our controllers and with it, also our views. There are two controllers in this example, the first one (MoviesController) will give us a list of all movies, while the second one (MovieController) will give us a detailed view of one movie. Since all routing, storing and […]

Building mobile apps with Dojo mobile (controller mixin)

In the third part of this series I will tell you how to create controllers and views and how to re-use certain parts of your view (like the header) in all your views. In the previous tutorial I told you how to create a router, which will act as a topic listener. However, we didn’t […]

Building mobile apps with Dojo mobile (router)

In the previous tutorial in this series I told you how to set up your project and we already provided our app with some data. Before we actually start writing the application and its behavior, I’m going to write the “glue” between the controllers, the router. Dojo mobile already has a way to transition between […]

Building mobile apps with Dojo mobile (model)

After a lot of tutorials and guides written in Dutch, I thought it was the time to write some English tutorials as well. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an application using Dojo with Dojo mobile. I will not talk about frameworks like dojox/app* or dojox/mvc*, but I will tend to create […]

Dojo promises & Deferreds

It’s already a while ago I wrote my last tutorial, so it’s time for the next one now. In this tutorial I’m going to talk about the Dojo Deferred module, in the JavaScript world also known as promises. As you probably know by now is that JavaScript is a language that makes it easy to […]

Dojo inheritance, overriding & extending

Dojo is a decent JavaScript framework offering a lot of functionality. One of its biggest trumphs is the possibility to extend modules in an easy way through mixin inheritance. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can extend a widget with extra functionality.